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Advice for disabled taxi passengers

Wheelchair accessible vehicles

Taxi drivers have a responsibility to:

  • carry the passenger while in the wheelchair, and provide reasonable assistance to enable the passenger to get into or out of the vehicle
  • carry the wheelchair if the passenger chooses to sit in a passenger seat and help to load the wheelchair into or out of the vehicle
  • help to load the passenger's luggage into or out of the vehicle
  • make sure that the passenger is carried in safety and reasonable comfort
  • not charge extra for any of the above

It is a criminal offence if drivers do not carry out the above duties unless they have an exemption.

To make a complaint about a licensed vehicle, driver or operator, please use our online form.

Vehicles on our list must be capable of carrying some, but not all, types of occupied wheelchairs.

Our list contains the contact details of taxi's who have given their details to help customers make a booking for an accessible vehicle.

List of wheelchair accessible vehicles
Licence NumberLicence typeNameOperatorVehicle MakeModelsContact details (if provided)
HCV009Hackney CarriageMr Paul Pearson LEVCTx Vista  
HCV115Hackney CarriageMr David Gilbert PeugeotPartner 
HCV123Hackney CarriageMr Trevor Sutton London TaxiTX 
HCV130Hackney CarriageMr Stephen Pratt PeugeotE7 
HCV149Hackney CarriageMr Nasser Al-Salous PeugeotPartner 
HCV155Hackney CarriageMr Ruthiraraja Senthooran PeugeotE7 
HCV162Hackney CarriageMr Tahir Raza Jaffory PeugeotE7 
HCV169Hackney CarriageMr Mohammad Khan FiatTW200 
HCV173Hackney CarriageMr Zamir Hussain PeugeotPartnerTel: 07882411332
HCV179Hackney CarriageMr Michael Simmonds FordPro CabTel: 07774138221 or 07733320801
HCV182Hackney CarriageMr Altaf Hussain PeugeotE7 
HCV184Hackney CarriageMr Mahmood Hussain PeugeotPartner 
HCV187Hackney CarriageMr Mohammed Afsar PeugeotPartner 
HCV244Hackney CarriageMr Shaukat Ali PeugeotPartner 
HCV249Hackney CarriageMr Mohammed Anwar PeugeotPartner 
HCV251Hackney CarriageMr Mohammad Khan PeugeotPartner 
PHV129Private Hire Vehicle  Home 2 School LtdFordTransit 
PHV191Private Hire Vehicle  Home 2 School LtdFordTransit 
PHV285Private Hire Vehicle  Home 2 School LtdFordTransit 
PHV310Private Hire Vehicle  Home 2 School LtdFordTransit 
PHV317Private Hire Vehicle  Home 2 School LtdFordTransit 
PHV505Private Hire Vehicle  Home 2 School LtdPeugeotPartner 
PHV524Private Hire VehicleMr Ian JonesENG CarsPeugeotPartner