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Due to high levels of service requests and applications, our phone lines are much busier than usual. The quickest and easiest way to access our services is by registering for an account at MyGuildford or visiting our self service pages. You can report an issue, make requests and track progress, pay your bills and apply for key services at any time.

Get the latest government advice about coronavirus. Advice for local residents and business can be found on our coronavirus information page.

Council tax discounts and exemptions

Help with council tax due to coronavirus measures

If you have lost your job or are on reduced hours, we might be able to help pay your council tax.

Single person discount

If you are the only adult living in your home, you can apply for a 25% discount on your council tax bill.

Reductions for adaptations to your home due to disability

If you have adapted your home to help a disabled person living there, we might be able to reduce your council tax bill.

Council tax exemptions for students

Find out if you need to register for your council tax exemption as a full time student.

Exemptions for empty homes

Find out about the long term empty homes premium charges and getting a property back into use.

Reductions if you live in an annexe

If you live in an annexe, you might get a 50% reduction on your council tax bill. Find out how to apply for a reduction.

Exemptions for the severely mentally impaired

If you have a severe mental impairment, you do not have to pay council tax and can apply for an exemption.

Going into a hospital or care home

If you move into a care home, nursing home or hospital then you don't have to pay council tax.

Reductions for carers or those receiving care

Care workers, home carers and the person they are caring for may be able to pay less council tax.

Reduction for care leavers

If you meet the criteria, we might be able to reduce or cancel your council tax bill for the year.

Exemptions for charitable organisations

Find out if your charity has to pay council tax or not.

Exemptions for houses undergoing repairs

If you're making structural changes or major repairs to your home, you might get council tax exemption for up to a year.

Exemptions for apprentices and young people

Apprentices and some young people are not counted when considering council tax. See what you need to do.

Exemptions for prison detainees

You can apply for a 25% discount on your council tax if a person living in your home goes to prison or is detained.

Exemptions diplomats and visiting armed forces

Diplomats, members of visiting forces and members of international headquarters can apply for council tax exemption.

Exemptions if you live in armed forces accommodation

Properties owned by the Secretary of State for Defence for UK armed forces accommodation can apply for an exemption.

Reductions if you live in a religious community

Find out if you can apply for a 25% discount on your council tax if you are part of a religious community.