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Making a planning application

Submit a planning application, find out about permitted development or request pre-application advice.

Apply for planning permission

Not all work requires planning permission. You can check whether you need planning permission by using the interactive guide on the Planning Portal.

If your development does not come under permitted development then you will need to make a planning application. You can either  submit a planning application online or download the relevant form from our planning application forms and fees.

You may also require Building Regulations consent for your proposal. Our Building Control team ensure that building work meets the minimum standards of the Building Regulations including fire safety, structure and thermal insulation requirements. For further details please see our building control page.

Pre-application advice

You can save yourself time and money with our pre-application advice service.

We will give you valuable guidance about your proposal and whether you are likely to receive planning permission.

Types of planning application

You can find full information and explanations about the different  types of planning applications on the Planning Portal.

For the relevant requirements for each type of application, see our Local Validation List.

Planning constraints and obligations

There are a number of  planning constraints that will have an impact on your planning application.

You will also need to be aware of certain  planning obligations.

How we decide on a planning application

You can find out full details about how we decide on a planning application.

Most decisions are made under delegated authority, but around 10% of applications are referred to the planning committee.  

Approval of conditions

This type of application will be necessary where a condition in a planning permission or a listed building consent requires details of a specified aspect of the development which was not fully described in the original application. These details need to be submitted for approval before the development can begin. Visit the  Planning Portal 'apply' page for more information.